Chalet Etoile

Chinaillon, Le Grand Bornand

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Map of Chinaillon

Map of Chinaillon with Chalet Etoile marked by a red circle.

Getting around Chinaillon

The ski bus.

The ski bus stop "La Bergerie" is located at the top of the drive, on the opposite side of the road.  The buses in Chinaillon work on a circular route, so there is only one bus stop at the top of the drive.  When trying to go to the slopes or into Chinaillon, the buses will appear to be going the wrong way!!!  You can see the circular nature of the route on the map below.

There are three bus routes serving the chalet:

  1. Circuit de Chinaillon
  2. Circuit de Samance
  3. Le Grand Bornand Village

When going to the slopes; cross the road and take either the "Circuit de Chinaillon" or "Circuit de Samance" bus.  Do not take the Le Grand Bornand village bus - it will take you down the hill to Le Grand Bornand.

When returning home; there are bus stops at the bottom of all the ski lifts, and outside many of the shops including The Spar.  Take any of the three buses, but be warned, from the slopes taking the "Circuit de Samance" bus will add about 10 minutes to your journey (it takes quite a detour).  From the shops it is straight to the chalet on any of the three bus routes.

The buses are free to holders of the local "Carte d’hôte ", but they do not always ask you to show them.

The buses run very frequently during the ski season.


There is plenty of  parking on the road by the ski lifts.  In peak season when the resort is very busy, you may find it hard to find a space.  At other times as long as you are parked before 10am you should have no problem.

The roads in the area are kept very clear and snow free, and although the snow plough makes regular visits to our drive, if you are in an English two wheel drive car without chains or winter tyres, you may encounter a few problems (in our English rear wheel driven car we often need chains just to get to the top of the drive!) It is a legal requirement in the Alps to carry snow chains in your car.  Four wheel drive cars, or local rental cars with winter tyres tend to have no problem at all.


It is a very easy walk to both the pistes and shops and restaurants in the village (as long as you are not carrying skis and boots and small children!)   Our 6 year old had no problem with the walk and really enjoys it, he often asks to walk home (without his skis!).

Returning from a trip to the village, we often walk through the very picturesqe old village where the road is much quieter.  When the road ends (with just driveways to various chalets) there is an attractive wooded footpath (ahead but slightly to the left) that takes you back to the chalet.  This is a very beautiful walk especially on clear moonlit evenings.